Ultra JLPT

Learn Japanese JLPT vocabulary with Ultra JLPT!

All levels of JLPT are covered from 4 to 1. These can be bought individually or all together at the App Store.

  • Practice vocabulary with a variety of tests, including
    • Multiple choice tests
    • Flashcard tests
    • Reading input tests
  • Learn new vocabulary: Ultra JLPT contains dictionary definitions of vocabulary so you can acquire new words, not just revise the ones you already know.
    • Study kanji readings
    • Study English meanings
  • Configure tests to exactly how you want them by choosing any combination of
    • Hiragana words
    • Katakana words
    • Kanji only words
    • Mixed Hiragana+Kanji words
    • Prefixes
    • Suffixes
  • Reading input accepts roman alphabet characters as well as hiragana/katakana input, so use whatever keyboard you like!
  • Keep track of your scoring with advanced score tracking:
    • Daily logs automatically available
    • Create custom logs to compare your scores with others, or over very short or very long sessions!
    • Score data includes time taken to answer, % and total correct answers, % and total incorrect answers.


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